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Ants Finance | Rule the Crypto as the way we do with the Earth.
Ants have a high level of social behavior, constitute family Formicidae, belong to the order Hymenoptera, have relatives to bees and wasps. There are about 12,500 species of ants in the World, they have able to adapt to and dominate almost any ecosystem, therefore they are almost everywhere in the world except from the icy regions and oceans, concentrated mainly in tropical and subtropical regions.
Ants society demonstrates a miniature society of humanity. They live in organized communities, work cooperatively and efficiently. Ants know how to protect each other, exchange information, "raise" insects and fungi for food, which creates a big family.
Each ant nest is a shelter for millions of ants, headed by a queen ant, the rest are mostly worker ants, followed by a clear division of labor.
Which animal do you think is dominating this world? Human? Maybe not, the ant uniting the strongest community maybe the ruler of the world. Ants are everywhere in the world and nothing can set obstacles for them. Derived inspiration from the powerful ants, was given birth with the desire to create a united, strong, constantly growing community of the ant. aims to build a decentralized financial system including AMM DEX, Deflation system, Ant's Pool, Ant's Nest, NFT Marketplace, NFT Creative.